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Our athletic program is designed to complement our academic program by offering competitive sporting events for middle and high school students.



Fall: Ladies’ Volleyball

Winter: Men’s Basketball & Ladies’ Cheerleading

Spring: Men’s Baseball & Ladies’ Softball


Our athletics program is supported through donations and fundraisers hosted be our Booster Club. If you would like more information on our Booster club, please email

Basketball Match


Our mission is to provide strong Christian training and leadership that demands a commitment to academic excellence. In a positive manner we represent New Life Christian Academy on and off the playing field or court. We desire a program that is dedicated to the development of individual skills and to team performance while imputing the values of the Christian faith. This is to strengthen the commitment and character of each individual in our athletic program.

Our effort as an athletic program should be consistent with the effort of the entire school. We need to train effective Christians so they might go out and serve God in various occupational pursuits. We desire training that is inclusive of prominent character qualities such as goal-setting, self-sacrifice, fulfilling responsibility, developing effective communication skills, hard work, inner-character, self-discipline, and persevering spirit.


1. Allow students to develop God-given physical talents.
2. Consistently impart Bible principles and values of Christ to our players.
3. Teach good sportsmanship.
4. Teach how to win and be winners.
5. Teach how to accept defeat without being a sore loser.
6. Teach responsibility (on time for practice, games, and school work).
7. Teach cooperation and working well with others.
8. Teach how to follow directions outside of the classroom situation.
9. Bring honor and glory to God through New Life Christian Academy athletics.
10. Teach respect for authority represented by coaches.

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