8.0 Dress Code

8.1 General Dress Code

It is NLCA’s vision that boys and girls are taught your appearance is a reflection of who you are in Christ. Christian young people should dress in a way consistent with Biblical principles of decency. Decency in dress implies that others are not embarrassed, distracted, or tempted. In 1 Timothy 2:9 and 1 Peter 3:3, we are asked to refrain from extremes which call attention to ourselves. The manner of dress is directly related to the kind of people we are and what we think ourselves to be. Christian character includes being disciplined in the areas of clothing, hair, and make-up.


If student is not in compliance with NLCA dress code, that student will be referred to the school office and a call placed to the parent. Any referral to the school office will be done silently as to not embarrass the student. Students will have the opportunity to contact their parents and/or guardian to bring the appropriate clothing to school. If parents are unavailable to be contacted, the student will be provided with NLCA spirit wear for the remainder of the day. This will be at the cost of the parents and will be charged to their account. Please keep in mind, clothes that fit appropriately in September may not fit appropriately in January.

Student’s appearance must be conservative, neat, and modest. Hair must be welled groomed, out of eyes, and does not obstruct vision.


8.2 PreK-Middle School

All students who attend NLCA in PreK through 8th grade will be required to wear uniforms. Uniforms will consist of Khaki, Navy, or Black pants, shorts, capris, or skirts along with Red, White, or Navy Blue polo style shirts. All shorts, skirts, or dresses must be knee length. Pants and/or shorts must be worn with a belt and shirts must be tucked in (for boys and girls). Students may also choose to wear an NLCA Spirit Wear shirt daily along with their uniform bottoms. The “Spirit Wear” shirts must be NLCA shirts purchased from NLCA only.


No leggings or jeggings should be worn alone as pants. Leggings may be permitted only if worn under a dress or skirt that can be worn independently (knee length). Leggings should only be worn in the same manner as tights or panty hose.


Although we do not have a policy on shoes, it is highly suggested that the PreK through 3rd graders do not wear flip flops and/or sandals without a back strap. Younger students tend to hurt themselves when on playground and during PE.


Every Friday will be Missions Jean Day. Students will be allowed to pay $1 to wear jeans along with an NLCA spirit wear shirt. These shirts will consist of any NLCA t-shirts purchased through NLCA only.


8.3 High School

Students in grades 9-12 will NOT be required to wear uniforms. They will, however, maintain a strict dress-code and any violations will result in the same consequences as the remaining students.


· High school students will be allowed to wear jeans and/or any other type of dress pant/shorts. Pants, shorts, and jeans must be free from holes and frays.

· High school boys will be required to wear a plain t-shirt or collared shirt, such as, a dress shirt or polo style shirt. Shirts may be of any color or pattern they choose; however, they must not have any writing and/or graphics of any kind on them.


· Students may also choose to wear an NLCA Spirit Wear shirt daily. The “Spirit Wear” shirts must be NLCA shirts purchased from NLCA only. Students may also choose to wear a red, navy or white plain t-shirt in place of uniform shirt.

· High school girls will be required to continue a modest dress code. High school girls may not wear tops that are revealing in any way. No visible cleavage will be allowed. A suggestion to avoid immodesty = one hand width (not including the thumb) below the base of the neck. If cleavage is visible (even if your clothing is in compliance with this recommendation), the student will be considered in violation of dress code.

· No undergarments(including brastrapsandbralettes)shouldeverbe seenunder any circumstances. Camisoles should not be worn as a blouse. Camisoles should be worn under another garment for modesty.

· Clothing with alcoholic beverage ads, suggestive slogans, or promoting movies, products, or music groups are not to be worn at any time.

· Wallet chains will not be permitted.

· Students may not wear ornamentation of any type in pierced body parts (i.e. nose rings, tongue rings) during school hours or while participating in school functions (except ear piercings).

· Shirts must be long enough to cover entire torso when arms are fully raised. No oversized hoodies should be worn alone as a dress, tunic top etc.

· Tightly fitting pants will not be permitted. No leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, yoga pants, and/or any solid, lace or “fish-net” type pants will be allowed. Pants and jeans must be free from holes and frays. Shorts and skirts must be to the knee and/or bermuda length.

· No hats of any kind, baseball caps, visors, toboggans, etc. Although, we understand during the winter months your child may want to wear a cap of some sort on their way to and from school, while in the building all hats should be removed and kept in their book bags and/or cubbies.

· No t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pullovers, and/or jackets with any type words, logos or graphics should be worn (small logo’s, such as a Nike swoosh, or Under Armor logo are permitted).

· No outer clothing should be overly tight. Pants, shirts, shorts, skirts, and jeans must all be appropriate waist size and worn pulled up with a belt. They must be free of holes and frays.

· No tank tops – a tank top is defined as anything with a strap narrower than a hand width (sleeveless and cap sleeves will be allowed)

· No athletic wear should be worn during school hours, with the exception of middle/high school students during PE. This includes, gym shorts, gym pants, yoga pants, leggings, t-shirts, and/or muscle/sleeveless shirts.

· Attire worn for PE must also meet dress code. Shirts should be NLCA t-shirts only. Shorts must knee/bermuda length. No leggings or yoga pants will be permitted during PE.

· Collegiate outerwear, such as, hoodies and/or jackets may be worn; however, you must be in dress code underneath outerwear.